Short haired verses Long haired: So what's the difference? It really is a matter of preference. I love both!!!!

First and foremost, they are the same breed but one has a longer coat. Whilst long hair are popular in Europe, America do not allow this coat type in confirmation showing but allow them in their register. There have been some quality long haired dogs imported from the US from short haired parents. The popularity of the Longhair is slowly gaining momentum as more and more of these beautiful dogs improve in quality and are appear more and more on the show scene. The very first Best in Show at an All Breed Confirmation Show was achieved in Tasmania in 2019 and are becoming more competitive in specialty shows. They are popular performance dogs in many disciplines and make awesome companions.

The standard for coat: 

Short haired: Strong, very dense smooth lying topcoat without or only very sparse undercoat.

Long haired: Soft long topcoat with or without undercoat. Smooth or slightly wavy. Hair at base of ear long and flowing. Velvety hair is permissible on tips of leathers. Length of coat on flanks 3-5 cms on lower side of neck, fore-chest and belly, generally somewhat longer. Good feathering and breeching yet less long towards the ground. Tail with a good flag. Hair between the toes. Hair on head less long. (Sourced from FCI standard)

Pros and Cons:

Short haired:

Pros: Maintenance is next to zero. The occasional bath seems to be all they need and is recommenced as excessive bathing can cause skin irritation. Grooming is more about finishing off and removing old hair rather than essential maintenance. 

Cons: My dogs are soft!! As house dogs, they really don't like the cold much and during the cooler nights, I put coats on them.  However there are plenty of shorthairs featured in photos among the snow so I guess it's all about the environment in which they are raised.

Long haired:

Pros: The coat is easily managed and requires minimal grooming. A quick brush over once a week ensures that the older coat is removed. Easy as pie!!!! Bathing is as per the short hair. The long hairs tolerate the cooler weather better.

Cons:  The warmer weather is not tolerated as well as the short hair. The occasional knot can form behind the ears so a quick weekly brush sorts that. I find that the feathers between the toes can sometimes make gripping a smooth floor interesting. Some people trim the toe hair or put in floor runners for better grip.