In 2016, I fell in love with a Weimaraner called Ruby.  She was a therapy dog for a return serviceman who loved this girl unconditionally. She had qualities that included loyalty, love, stamina and good looks. When she got a little companion by the name of Sally, I decided to embark on showing for the first time and obtained her Australian Championship Title.

From there I acquired my own dogs and filled my weekends with showing and participating in a variety of activities that included agility training, obedience, tracking training and lure coursing.

My first short hair boy was Australian Champion Greyghost Rocky Mountain High - Denver. What a beautiful boy. He has type and temperament that is the benchmark for my future puppies.

Then came a short hair girl called Bromhund Zodiac Sign - Gem. She has a show pedigree to admire. She performed well in her junior years but decided showing wasn't for her so we took a break for a couple of years and then eventually finished off her show title.

My first long hair female then arrived, Sharlani Mai Tai Teddy - Arizona. What a sweetheart she is. If you want loyalty and agility then this is your girl.  She came to me as a two year old with a few show wins to her name. She has produced some lovely puppies.

Then along came Harry - Weilander Capture Yr Dream. What a coat this boy has. He is such a smooch and is doing very well in the show ring. He collected his final points for his confirmation title in 2021 after a long break due to COVID. He comes from a long line of show and sports lines.

Along the way, I established Weisngrey Weimaraners and bred my own pups using type, Hip and Elbow scoring and DNA to improve on my foundation dogs. I commenced showing under my own prefix with early success with my home grown short hair girl Weisngrey Bear Necessities. She has type, temperament and is a long hair carrier.

My aim for the future is to breed quality dogs that focuses on improving the next generation for health, temperament and conformation whilst raising pups in an environment that has all the noises and activities that would be found in most households as well as alone time outside the home that typifies a normal family with Temperament being key. 

We are not prolific breeders but put alot of heart and soul into our litters so that you get a sound puppy with type and health at the forefront of all our offspring.