Weisngrey Bearing All


Long Hair and HUU Carrier. HYPM Clear. SD result pending.

Was a sweetheart Penny is. Copes well around people and generally around other dogs.

Ch. Weilander Capture Yr Dream


Harry: A classic Longhair from show and sports lines with type and coat.

HUU negative HYPM negative Tan Point Non Carrier Hip Score 6:15 Elbows 0:0

Harry's Hip score was a bit of a shock and whilst this is a complex area that is influenced by factors involving about 20% of hereditary factors and the remaining, nutritional and environmental, I felt that breeding on with him was not favourable to my future plans. This was such a shame as Harry's strong features included sound DNA, beautiful temperament and confirmation.

I have only retained one of his pups for myself from a better hip scored girl and I hope the gamble pays off. I will know when she is old enough to be tested.

Ch. Feldjaeger Quitethheartbreaker RN

Gr Ch. Dual Ch. (T) Sharlani Fudgie Bear ET. JC.

Grausturm Quentins Dream

Ch. Grausturm Silver Shadow

RUBIG Ch. Feldjaeger Follow This Miss

BISS/RUBISS Gr Ch. Ghostwind Hard Act to Follow

MBISS Ch. Feldjaeger Quite Th Miss

Ch. Weilander Out of the Cold (AI)

UK SH Ch. Pondridge Practical Joker (Imp UK)

Hasso Von Der Hagardburg (Aut) (UK)

Aruni Danya From Seicer (UK)

Ch. Weilander Shifting Sands CD. RN. TD. QND. NRD. ORA.

Ch. Feldjaeger U R the Man CDX. TD. QND, ORA.

T Ch TS Gr Ch. Weilander Rockalicious ET

Bromhund Zodiac Sign


Gem: A very athletic girl bred from exceptional show lines.

HUU negative HYPM negative. Tan point negative. Hips 4:3 Elbows 0:0

BISS Ch. Bromhund Back to Basics (AI)

Ch. Bromhund Graphic Art

Ch. NZ. Ch UK. SH Ch. Arimars Rolf V D Reiteralm (Imp USA)

Nanis Helga for Bromhund (Imp USA)

Bromhund Just N Time

Ch. Bromhund In The Know

Bromhund Quintessence

Bromhund Just Watch Me

Sup Ch. Silkwind Turn Me Loose to Bromhund (Imp USA)

Am Ch. Gramayre Silk Win'd Kat'Olyst (CAN)

Am Ch. Silkwind Pamdona my Fair Eliza AM. JH. (USA)

MBISS Gr Ch. Bromhund First Class (AI)

Bromhund Show Stopper

Penny - Weisngrey Bearing All



Weisngrey Bear Necessities


Nessie: My very first home grown show dog. Multiple Class in Group winner.

HUU carrier HYPM negative Long hair carrier. Tan point Non carrier.

Multi RUBIG Ch. Greyghost Rocky Mountain High


Denver: My first ever Weimaraner. A very well bred show dog who has the most beautiful head, type and temperament.

HUU carrier HYPM negative Tan point non carrier. Hips 2:2 Elbow 0:0

Am. Gr Ch. Sup Ch. Pikes Peak Rocky Mountain High (Imp USA)

Camelot's Marathon Man Am. CDX (USA)

Am Ch. Camelot's Up to Par (USA)

Am Ch Camelot's Star Attraction (USA)

Am. Gr Ch. Pikespeak Annie Get Your Gun AM. NA. AM. NAJ. (USA)

Am Ch. Silversmith Ethan Allen (CAN)

Am Ch. Silversmith Pikes Peak Starr (USA)

Gr Ch. Greyghost Uptown Girl

Ch. Bromhund In The Know

Am Ch. T. Ch. Sup Ch. Nani's Sovereign Cross Check (Imp USA)

Ch. Greywei Just Too Smart

Ch. Bromhund Outmanoeuva

Gr Ch. Bromhund High Fidelity

Ch. Bromhund Lilly Marlane

Sharlani Mai Tai Teddy


Arizona: A Longhair with the most beautiful temperament and bred from fabulous Australian and International blood lines.

HUU Carrier HYPM Negative Tan point negative. Hips 3:8 Elbows 0:0

Ch. (pending) Grausturm Ima Rock Legend

Am. Gr Ch. Sup Ch. Pikes Peak Rocky Mountain High (Imp USA)

Camelot's Marathon Man Am. CDX (USA)

Am. Gr Ch. Pikespeak Annie Get Your Gun AM. NA. AM. NAJ. (USA)

Ch. Grausturm Yasmin Royal

Ch. Grausturm Gandalf's Grey Gift

Grausturm Quiteaprincess

Kadma Oops We Tied the Knot

Ch. Kadma Blacktie Affair (AI)

Eur Ch. Fin Ch. Ger Ch. Ltu Ch. Lux Ch. Lva Ch. Pol Ch. Ch. Ashlaren Caipiroska

Kadma Sweet Revenge

BIS Ch. Kadma Oops I Did it Again (A)

Gr Ch. Kadma Red Hot Rumours

Ch. Kadma Beenthere Donethat