Ch. Ashlaren Nanosally

Sally: My introduction into showing was with this spirited girl. She taught me a lot about the breed and what it takes to show. We made lots of mistakes along the way but we got there in the end.

Ch. Bromhund Youre so Vain

BISS Ch. Bromhund Back to Basics (AI)

Ch. Bromhund Graphic Art

Ch. NZ. Ch UK. SH Ch. Arimars Rolf V D Reiteralm (Imp USA)

Nanis Helga for Bromhund (Imp USA)

Bromhund Just N Time

Ch. Bromhund In The Know

Bromhund Quintessence

MBISS Gr Ch. Bromhund First Class (AI)

Ch. Weilander Capture Yr Dream


Harry: A classic Longhair from show and sports lines with type and coat.

HUU negative HYPM negative Tan Point Non Carrier Hip Score 6:15 Elbows 0:0

Harry's Hip score was a bit of a shock and whilst this is a complex area that is influenced by factors involving about 20% of hereditary factors and the remaining, nutritional and environmental, I felt that breeding on with him was not favourable to my future plans. This was such a shame as Harry's strong features included sound DNA, beautiful temperament and confirmation.

I have only retained one of his pups for myself from a better hip scored girl and I hope the gamble pays off. I will know when she is old enough to be tested.

Sharlani Mai Tai Teddy


Arizona: A Longhair with the most beautiful temperament and bred from fabulous Australian and International blood lines.

HUU Carrier HYPM Negative Tan point negative. Hips 3:8 Elbows 0:0

Bromhund Show Stopper

Ch. Ashlaren Josephine

Ch. Carnmellis Bravo Ashlaren

CAN Ch, NZ Ch, US Ch Win'Weim's Rio Grande

Ch, NZ Ch. Ashlaren Sophie Sapphire

Ch. Ashlaren Mark of a Connoisseur CD

Ch. BULG Ch. CAN Ch. LUX Ch. US Ch. Davora Bremar Mark of Ashlaren BW-10

Graysville A Work of Art